Saturday, April 11, 2009


Did you know that they can put stitches in a tongue? Our two (almost 3) year old hit his chin on his 5 year old brother's head and bit a gash in his tongue. And I mean a gash. I would take a picture of it, but I don't want to gross anyone out. I had to warn my husband not to look at it. He can't handle things like that.

I loaded everyone up, met my husband in town, and he took him into the ER. I would have went, but they won't let a nursing baby come back with the mother when it's not the baby being seen. You know, all those germs. We went to visit a friend while they were in there. 5 hours later they were finished. They have a policy to not do stitches in a tongue in the ER, so they had to take him to another part of the hospital. They had to do a general anesthesia on him and even asleep his tongue moved around so much they were only able to put one stitch in. It's right in the middle; I guess in the most crucial part. Poor little guy. He's on a liquid and ice cream diet until it heals up. He's got his antibiotics and his ice cream so he's all set.

We're postponing Easter dinner until next week so he might be able participate. (It's my brother's Easter next week anyway; he's Orthodox). The doctor said that there are so many blood vessels in the tongue that it will heal up fast. Looking at it this morning I saw the cut is already fused back together.

We decided to leave the stickers? tabs? on until they wear off. He also still has the cotton ball-tape bandaid they put on after an iv. Why inflict more pain in ripping them off when there's no need? He actually feels better than what the picture shows. He was probably thinking "What in the world is this crazy lady doing taking a picture of these things?".

If you have a couple of seconds, say a pray that he will heal quickly with no complications. And also pray for a more serious matter. Stellan is doing much better, but is still in the hospital. To read his story go to his button at the top right and click.

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He And Me + 3 said...

Yikes...that had to hurt so bad. Poor guy. So glad that it is healing quickly. How nice to wait for Easter for him. My kids would prefer the ice cream diet. LOL

Amy said...

Ouch! That makes me hurt. Poor thing.

Carin said...

Oh man, that poor little guy. I can't even begin to imagine. I suppose ice cream diet isn't the worst thing for a kid!