Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday is draggin'

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Now for today...

I. Am. Tired. Period. End of story. I really, really, really want to go take a nap. But I can't. So instead, I will tell you about what we did this past weekend.

Sunday, we took a mini-vacation to South Carolina. Greenville to be exact. We visited the Greenville Zoo, Bob Jones University, a fabulous book sale, and Sam's Club. Yeah, that last one was exciting, I know. We had the pizza, too. Oh, but I did have a dark chocolate shake too. Yummy, had to have my chocolate kick for the day. :) After all I was on vacation.

The hubby and kiddos at the zoo.

Did you know that elephants have eyelashes longer than my arm? Ok, maybe not literally, but they are really long.

Yeah. Umm. I hate these things. The only reason I took like a bazillion pics of reptilian creatures, is because my oldest daughter...read that again...daughter, likes them. For real. I am not lying. She wants to work in a zoo. In Australia. Go figure.

Our youngest daughter drinking out of the lion's mouth. Apparently kids get a kick out of sticking their heads inside a meat-eating wild animal's mouth. *shrug*

The Princess, our third daughter, sixth child, wanted a picture with the "pretty flowers". She's a cutie. So is the little man in the stroller. He walked most of the way, but just happened to be in this pic. (He's the one that had his tongue stitched up a couple of weeks ago).

This kid sucked all day. Hey! I'm not being mean! Really, when he wasn't nursing or napping he was sucking on his toes. I have weird kids.

You do realize that with 9 kids I could totally load this blog up with pics? Well, I'll be merciful and stop here. For now. :) Besides, I have to save some for future posts.

Oh and as we were leaving the zoo we met a nice family, the Underwoods, who are from SC. The parked right next to us in their own big van. It's always great to see other families who the world considers large. They only had 6. :) But since we were leaving and they were arriving we had no time to really talk. If any of ya'll know them, tell them we said hi. Send them over here. Or if they happen to come across this blog..."Hi, Ya'll, wish we could have talked longer".

Until next time...