Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me, Monday!

Here's your chance to admit to all those things you didn't do this week. Then go over to MckMama's site and see what everyone else didn't do.

It wasn't me that totally got locked out of the house. No keys, no phone, all the kids EXCEPT for the baby! That's right, our 7 month old was locked by himself in the house. It wasn't my two (almost three) year old that knows how to lock doors and does it on occasion. When it isn't needed.
Thankfully, after a desperate prayer for ideas, I remembered (God reminded me of) a way to get in. (Yeah, right, like I'm going to post it on here).

I did not leave the water running into the water filter pitcher all night! Or at least until 4 a.m. when my dh got up and found out. YIKES!! At least the sink stopper wasn't in!

It's not my house that is messy from letting my kids play whatever they wanted and not making them pick up after themselves. Not me! And I guess it's not me that's going to totally ditch the house (actually per instruction from my dear, darling husband) and go to a new park. :) Seriously, he called and told me to forget the house and get out for a while. To go check out the new park that our neighbors told us about. Let the kids run wild. So I guess I'll see you folks later. :)

Until next time...


Robyn said...

Oh have fun at the new park!

Suzanne said...

Yes, I have been locked out of my house by 2 of my 3 children at some point in time! The water thing! My husband would have a fit!

He And Me + 3 said...

Hope that you all had fun at the park...I would have left the house too!