Saturday, March 14, 2009

Show and Tell Saturday - Pets

Well, since I picked the theme for this week I should post about it, shouldn't I? :) Seriously though, when Kim over at Homesteaders Heart asked me to pick the theme, I immediately thought of kids doing show and tell at school. I mean that's what I think of when I hear "show and tell". And what do they usually take, or try to take? Their pet, of course. Even if it's a pet rock. When I was a kid we didn't have show and tell. But I always read of other kids having it and knew what pet I would take if I could.

I had two pets as a kid and it was a toss-up as to which one I should post about. I'd really like to write about my dog, Poochie. She was black with a white mark on her chest. She was half black labrador retriever and half border collie, so she kept me pretty well rounded up. My mom has a picture of her pulling on my skirt tail when she was a puppy. I really, really wanted to scan that photo on here, but alas, my mom has it and she can't find it. (Don't ask).

So since I can't put her on here, I'll put the other one. This might qualify as the biggest pet. A horse. Wow! Isn't it every girl's dream to have a horse? I mean isn't it natural for every girl to go through some horse-crazy phase while growing up? Well, I lucked out and actually had that one fulfilled. Her name was Princess (original, huh?) and she was kind of stuck-up, too. She had a few foals while we had her and they were all pretty and nice. (Must have gotten it from the dad). She wasn't a bad horse, just kind of aloof. No matter how much time I spent with her, she never quite reached the "follow me everywhere" point. I'm not really sure if I'm making much sense. Maybe because we got her when she was already grown. Anyway, here's a pic of her and the first foal we had with her. This foal's name was Babynose (yes, I know, it's odd). Actually, I guess you could count Princess's granddaughter a pet of mine too. Babynose had a filly that I named Snow (one guess as to what color she was). I really like her too. I was working with her, and had even gotten her trained to lead, when my stepdad sold all of our horses. I was 15. 'Nough said on that.
Without farther ado, here is Princess:
(Please ignore the imperfections of the photo; it is over 20 years old and scanned at that).

Well, that's my pet(s) story. I look forward to reading about your pet. So go over to Kim's and link up your own story about those furry (or not so furry) friends of yesteryear.


He And Me + 3 said...

Beautiful horses...even scanned. MY girls dream is to have a horse.

The Real Me! said...

Oh that's a nice pet story minus the selling the horses part. I'm sure that's a road you don't want to go down.
Big Saturday Hugs to you.

Jennifer said...

What beautiful horses! You're right, I think we all go through that phase except, my parents never got me one. I got a saddle, bridle and the whole get up and was allowed to ride someone else's but never one of my own. I still would love to just get on one and go for a long ride.

Very, very beautiful animals!